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Water Stand

Water Stand Pictured Product #WT01
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Water Stand

Starting Price* : $150.00 qmark

*Starting Price for the water tables refers to the 24" H water table in any acrylic color.
Clear water tables are all clear acrylic.
Smoked water tables are all smoked acrylic.
Glass color water tables are all green tinted acrylic.
Blue water tables are all blue acrylic.
Red water tables are all red acrylic.
Purple water tables are all purple acrylic.
Clear - Purple water tables have clear legs and ribbon with a purple top.
**Clear water tables can be customized with different color ribbons of your choice.
Call for more details.

Wood / Artwork Options

There are no additional artwork or wood options for our water / plant stands

Water Stand

Our water / plant stands are perfect for churches.

Width Options : 16" x 16"

Height : 24", 30", 36"

Material Thickness : 1/2"

Color Options : Clear, Glass Color, Blue, Red, Purple, Smoked


These are just product samples and can be customized to fit your needs.

Water Stand

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Price low : $150.00
Price high : $200.00

1 - 5 of 5 items

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"Etching using our clip art" $119.00 allows you to select an Image from our clip art collection (View Here) and can optionally include the church name. We will then send a proof to review and sign off on.

"Etching using your logo" $149.00 Using your artwork which should be e-mailed to we will send a proof to review and sign off on.

"Color Vinyl logo" $199.00 Artwork should be e-mailed to we will send a proof to review and sign off on.

Note, Any artwork that has shading can only be etched as a photo etching, (View sample here)